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Home of the Small Down Payment.

Are you looking for a used motorcycle for sale? Since 1991, Easy Auto has been Cleveland's leading buy here pay here car dealer with the best selection of dependable used vehicles for a small down payment. Now we are expanding to sell and finance used motorcycles at our Cleveland location.

We will be selling all the top brands such as Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and many more. If you are near Cleveland, TN or in the surrounding areas and are looking to finance a used motorcycle, then Easy Auto is the place for you!

Bad Credit or No Credit? No worries! Our mission here at Easy Auto is to help people with credit challenges obtain quick and easy financing for our reliable cars and now our motorcycles. We offer custom and personalized financing options to give every customer their best chance for approval. So, if you are credit challenged or have no credit history, there is no better place to shop than with us. We will try our absolute hardest to get you approved, but we will also help you continue to build your credit based on your good payment history.

Interested in learning more or viewing our inventory? Click here. 

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Are you tired of paying way too much for gas? Are you trying to replace your gas-hog SUV with something more fuel efficient but still want the same great space that an SUV provides? Good news! Here at Easy Auto, we can help! With over 300 vehicles in stock across six locations throughout Tennessee and Georgia, we are confident we can find you the cheap vehicle that is good on gas that you’re looking for.

At Easy Auto, we have many SUVs in stock with good fuel economy. From 2-row Ford Escapes with over 30 MPG highway, 3-row Ford Explorer, and spacious large SUVs like the GMC Yukon. We have seven SUVs with over 30 miles per gallon in stock and 32 with over 25 MPG. The best part? Some of these vehicles start at just only $99 down!

Not only will you be upgrading your old SUV for something more modern, but you’ll also be saving money on gas. Also, you’ll build credit with your on-time payments! That’s a win-win in our book. If you’re interested in exploring our inventory, getting pre-approved, or want more information on our home page, please visit the link that coincides with what you wish to do. 

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Credit challenged or have no credit? Looking for no credit check cars at a buy here pay here that does no credit checks? While no credit check car lots might sound appealing to those with poor credit, there's a catch.

While some buy here pay here's do no credit checks, there is also one other crucial thing they avoid which can hurt your credit potential. They do not report your on-time payments to credit bureaus. While you might get the used car you have wanted, there is no valid reward for your good and on-time payments. If you have bad credit, challenged credit, or no credit and want to improve your credit score, building good credit by reporting your good payment history is the right way forward.

Well, we have good news for you! Easy Auto is not your typical buy here pay here. We are more similar to what you would call a subprime dealership or a subprime buy here pay here. We have a similar approval process to normal buy here pay here car lots; however, we have in-house financing that will report your good payment history to help build your credit.

Here at Easy Auto, our mission is to help good people with credit challenges obtain quick and easy, personalized financing for reliable vehicles. The bank we work with at Easy Auto reports to all three credit bureaus to help our customers continue on their path of credit improvement or even establish credit.

Past hiccups can be corrected, and reporting credit is a much better way to overcome them than the no credit check buy here pay here car lots. Therefore, if you have a good payment history through our in-house financing, we will report that information allowing you to build up your credit score. You can use an improved credit score to buy a brand new vehicle, find prime financing options, or even just enjoy a lower rate on your next vehicle from Easy Auto!

Contact us to get more information on how you can continue to improve or start to build credit with us here at Easy Auto. You can even get pre-approved online here and start the path of credit improvement immediately if you like.

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