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Home Delivery Questions

Where is home delivery available?

Easy Auto home delivery is currently available to residents in East and Middle Tennessee; as well as North Georgia, down to the Calhoun, Rome and Cartersville areas.

If you live in an area where a rollback would have a hard time maneuvering, we will work with you to meet at a mutually agreed upon place with plenty of accessibility.

Do you charge for delivery?

There is no charge for home delivery. If you transfer a car from a location not nearest to you, a transfer fee may be applied.

How many cars will you deliver to me?

We will deliver one car. Before you sign any contracts, an Easy Auto team member will work with you to make certain it’s the right car for you.

What can I expect for a home delivery?

A team member will arrive with your vehicle at the agreed upon time and address.  They will verify your driver’s license, cell phone number, and other aspects of your application. You will then be given the opportunity to test drive the vehicle.  If everything is to your satisfaction, we will review the terms and you’ll sign the Contract and other paperwork. Afterwards, you’ll be given a copy of everything you signed. Before departing, we will need a copy of your full coverage insurance binder on the new vehicle in hard copy or electronically. 

What documents do I need to trade my car to Easy Auto during home delivery?

If you own the vehicle (there is no lien on it), we will need:

  • The title (if anyone other than you is listed on the title, they will need to be present at the time of delivery with identification)

If you owe or have a lien on your trade:

  • Documentation of the 10 day pay off or the phone number to the company to verify the payoff information
  • A copy of the registration

What if I change my mind? Can I return or exchange it? 

Easy Auto home deliveries come with a 3-day right to cancel. If you decide you don’t want the vehicle, you can return the vehicle or exchange it for another vehicle. For a return, you will be refunded all amounts you paid the day the vehicle is returned to Easy Auto, excluding the transfer fee (if applicable). If you decide you want to exchange the vehicle for something different, call us and we will set up an appointment at your closest Easy Auto location.

To be eligible to cancel:

  • The vehicle must be in substantially the same condition as it was when sold. Easy Auto will inspect cancellations and exchanges to verify the condition of the vehicle.

What happens to my car if I traded it in but want it back during my 3-day return period?

As long as the vehicle you purchased from Easy Auto meets the return guidelines, we will return your trade-in to you. 

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